Real Estate Law

Our lawyers provide the following real estate law services: 

Representation of our clients in dealings with the state and local authorities,
Assistance in drafting contracts and legal documents concerning real estate purchase and sale, rent and other transactions,
Advice on the use of both public and private property, as well as other issues related with real estate management, use and disposal, assistance in any dealings with state enterprise Centre of Register.

Law firm’s partners and clientele are acknowledged real estate and construction companies in Lithuania and Europe.

Spatial Planning

We consult our clientele on various issues of spatial planning. 

Our range of legal services includes preparation of contracts and other documents required in the process of spatial planning. We represent clients’ interests in dealings with state government, local authorities, architects and other institutions, involved in the process of spatial planning, and carry out legal supervision of these processes. 

Our lawyers are always ready to assist in solving disputes and other problems concerning spatial planning regardless of the size of the case. We ensure the prompt assistance in the correct interpretation and application of legal acts as well as the provision of any other services our clients should require.

Costruction Law

Our lawyers provide legal services in the field of construction law.

We represent clients in various transactions (construction contracts, engineering contracts, subcontracting) and carry out all necessary legal evaluation thereof in order to avoid future disputes or damage. We also consult clients on particular legal issues deriving from the design process, realization of construction projects, organization and execution of construction works as well as on any other issues in the construction process.

Our team can assist clients in obtaining design conditions and any other construction documents. We also execute legal supervision of the design process and perform legal registration of the completed construction projects.

Our law firm represents and advises clients in dealings with state and municipal institutions in the field of design and construction.

Land Law

Our services in the field of land law include consultations on land transactions (sale-purchase, lending, use, donation, exchange of the land, etc.) as well as servitude related matters and transfer procedures of real estate, situated on public land.

We also advise and represent our clientele in the process of restitution of ownership rights to the real property and in preparing documents related to land acquisition, use, transfer and division.

Our lawyers provide assistance in relations with the state and local institutions, and in the matters of acquisition and lease of public land, preparing all the necessary documents.

Contract Law

We provide qualitative legal services in concluding or terminating contracts and making amendments thereof.

In accordance with the needs of a client we work on a wide range of civil contracts (sale-purchase, provision of services, rent, etc.) not only with Lithuanian but also with foreign contractors. We prepare all contracts required in the process of construction, real estate acquisition, process of spatial planning (design, construction, maintenance, project management, etc.) and carry out their legal assessment.

We advise clients in various business projects and represent them by participating in negotiations.

Dispute Resolution

We strive to meet our clients’ expectations by achieving satisfactory dispute resolution. We guarantee the selection of the most appropriate dispute resolution methods according to client's needs and interests.

The substantial accumulated experience of our lawyers allows us to choose the most strategically favorable solutions to help resolve disputes quickly and effectively. We carefully evaluate pre-trial stages of the disputes, as these are the subsequent of the whole process. Our professionals in real estate, construction and other fields are able to choose the optimal way of dispute resolution.

We prepare all of the procedural documents (claims, responses to claims, appeals, notices, requests, etc.). We represent clients in negotiations, courts and other state institutions as well as arbitration.


We guarantee professional representation of client’s interests not only in courts, but also in the pre-trial dispute resolution institutions and other Lithuanian state and municipal institutions or enterprises.

One of indispensable stages of our representation services is the selection of dispute settlement strategy best corresponding to the client's interests. We prepare all of the procedural documents (claims, responses, requests, appeals, etc.), including peaceful settlement agreements as well as arbitration agreements and clauses.